Friday, 30 January 2009

Mixed reaction to digital plans

Digital Britain, the publication by Lord Carter has been met with huge criticism from politicians and analysts alike. The report, an 86-page document on the future of UK broadband, internet regulation and public service broadcasting, has been described as "weak" and "bitterly disappointing". The public appears to have been looking forward to a document with a clear action plan for Britain’s' digital future, to provide the entire country with high speed internet and a gateway to improving our economy. The report "Digital Britain" highlights many areas in which the UK needs to improve its digital infrastructure to meet the technology demands of the next decade.

The introduction of digital television was one of the first steps taken into upgrading the nation’s infrastructure, but the increasing demand for Internet consumption has led to comparisons being made with other European countries and nations around the world. In Japan, for example, many new homes utilise fire optic technologies for running telephone, Internet and television connections which results in a better, faster service.

What does this mean for data centres? The future can only be positive for the industry as the world increases its reliance on the internet. Bigger connections will lead to increased use, and larger file sizes and as a result higher demand on public and private networks. Net books like the Eee PC and Mini Note have been designed specifically for Internet only use, and appear to be the future of computing if Google and Yahoo are to be believed. These companies along with the likes of Amazon are pushing the future of cloud computing which will require new data centres to be built, new servers being utilised and old data centres requiring a refit to become capable of handling these new technologies.

The new Digital Britain looks likely to feed a further increase in demand for data centres, both private (where storage requirements will continue to increase) and public (where increased reliance on the internet and the services provided will result in even heavier requirements than today).

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