Friday, 6 February 2009

We won!

Yesterday, Information Age, the magazine that has been the backbone of the IT industry for many, many years, announced the winners of the Information Age Awards. The awards were made for innovation in a number of categories; Data Centre, Security, Information Management, Eco-Responsibility and Business Applications. Over 500 voters, readers of the magazine and web site, voted for the finalists. Migration Solutions submitted an entry for its ERA product. It is a great honour to win the award, against stiff competition from Telecity Group for their new data centre design. You can see our entry here.

ERA (Environmental Report & Audit) is a product that Migration Solutions offers to customers to help them reduce the environmental impact of their data centre or computer room, whilst also reducing the power costs. The audit, or assessment, takes just a couple of hours on site and assesses over 150 different data points. The subsequent report provides informative advice on how the environmental impact can be reduced and operating costs can be cut. The conclusion of the report includes a series of recommendations, some of which will cost nothing to implement, some that may take some time or a small amount of investment and some that need planning and investment to achieve.

Since launching ERA take-up has been strong with many companies looking to reduce their environmental impact and also take advantage of the massive cost savings that can come with it. It is an indication of the success of ERA that every data centre or computer room that has engaged Migration Solutions to carry out the assessment has saved the cost of the service ... many within weeks!

So, forgive our pride, but it is great to be recognised by our peers and to win such a prestigious award!

Migration Solutions is a vendor indepedent consultancy, specialising in the design, migration and operation of data centres and computer rooms. To find out more, please visit:

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