Monday, 16 March 2009

The Web at 20

In a triumph of science over superstition, Friday (the 13th’s) birthday celebration of the web has passed without a hitch, global meltdown or terror attack on this haphazard data infrastructure which increasingly appears to be the ‘only thing’ that’s keeping our world together. Twenty years ago last week, in his unassumingly titled document Information Management: A Proposal, then CERN staffer Tim Berners-Lee put forward a revolutionary proposal for a new system for sharing information and, in doing so, changed the world forever.

From its humble beginnings as a CERN internal proposal for a more effective document management system, the web has grown exponentially into a global phenomenon – since 2000 the percentage of the world’s population which is connected to the Internet has risen from 5% to 25%, and there’s not an analysts who’ll seriously argue against the Internet being all but globally ubiquitous by 2020.

So thanks Tim! Google, Cisco, Amazon and indeed Migration Solutions: none of these businesses would have been possible without you! As for what will happen in the next 20 years? Migration Solutions is going to be pretty busy designing better data centres for the ‘last 75%’ of the planet that are still to get online.

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