Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Migration Solutions on BBC Radio 4

Migration Solution’s Managing Director, Alex Rabbetts spoke on BBC Radio 4’s Costing the Earth on Monday evening.

The programme, called Virtual Warming, discusses “the contribution to CO2 emissions of huge ICT data processing warehouses”.

Alex comments on the record of the data centre industry, which he says has been pretty appalling. He says that although we like to think that the industry is solving a lot of the world’s problems, with the likes of internet banking, social networking sites and video conferencing the industry has never looked inwards to the data centre itself.

Data centres use huge amounts of power and pumping huge amounts of heat and CO2 into the atmosphere. Is there something we should be doing better? says Rabbetts, and we need to start looking at the issue now.

Regulation and government requirements are driving the need to store data up and up. The current financial crisis will almost certainly make the requirement to store data even higher with increased auditing. Growth in areas such as on-line shopping, social networking and even the BBC iPlayer is growing the requirement for storage at an exponential rate.

You can hear the full programme via the BBC Radio 4 website’s ‘Listen Again’, or contact Migration Solutions. Migration Solutions is a specialist computer room and data centre specialist offering independent advice on the design, build and operation of data centres and computer rooms. Visit our website at www.migrationsolutions.com.

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