Tuesday, 9 February 2010

How secure is secure? Pt. 1 - Site Location

How secure really is a 'secure' data centre? Data centres house the world's information, web pages, financial transactions and social networking. Every data centre needs appropriate levels security commensurate with the data they contain, what is enough security? When planning a new data centre installation, whether a refurbishment or a new build, it is imperative to look at the processes that will be running and the information held BEFORE thinking about trying to design the facility. Most data centre designers will concentrate on power and network resilience and then look at front of house security.

A secure data centre must first and foremost be in the right location. This is not necessarily in close proximity to, or within the head office as is so often the case. When choosing a secure site consideration must be given to resilience. What or who could interrupt service? Is the site on a flood plain, in an area prone to power outages, or in an area where the data centre's presence is, or will become common knowledge. Are there diverse feeds available and are they truly diverse?

What perimeter fencing to you plan to install and what would happen if someone tried to drive through it? Are there separate secure areas for employees and clients to enter and park? Are there any blind spots that a thief or hacker could utilise as cover for entry? Site selection is one of the most important contributing factors to the security of your data centre. If this isn't right security will be compromised from day one. And a final point, do you really need the name of your secure facility emblazoned on the side of the building, or come to that, on your access control cards?

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